Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am woman, hear me roar

"I Am Woman" was a song written by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton back in 1972. Helen wrote the song because she had difficulty finding a song that encapsulated what being a woman was about (since "I Feel Pretty" was not making the cut).

This desire for a song that reflects women's empowerment is the same desire I want to reflect in this blog. My desire is for an outlet to "roar" about the injustices against women. This blog is not about man hating... which is truly unproductive. In fact, I have found that women can often instigate injustice against other women!! This is a problem that I will discuss in a future post. Instead my goal is to bring awareness, vent my frustration, and hopefully offer action steps to seemingly impossible issues.

If you are reading these posts, I encourage you to dialogue with me. I would love to have intelligent discussions about sexism, feminism, international development, and poverty. I see a connection between these topics that the global community can not ignore. I hope you join my conversation and roar with me.   

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